Sophie Peckett Design - Loader

Livesey Arms, Lincolnshire UK

Fabrics / Lighting Design / Spatial Restaurant and Bar Layout / Wallpaper

A complete re-decoration of a tired and dark unwelcoming country pub to transform it to become “rock n roll.” The internal space was altered to allow for a more friendly and open bar, bistro area and restaurant.

Lighting Design planning was included with LEDtape light integrated under the bar worktop and to illuminate key wallpapers. Decoration of these areas included the wallpaper, paint colours, fabrics and lighting.




“Your colour schemes are getting fab reviews and the Bowler hats are fantastic”

— Mr P Mager

Unit 23 Parson’s Green House
27 Parson’s Green Lane
London, SW6 4HH
+44 (0)20 3793 2148
+44 (0)75 1594 4593

Skype: sophiepeckettdesign
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