Sophie Peckett Design - Loader

Contemporary Cottage, Lincolnshire UK

Accessories and Styling / Artwork / Bespoke Furniture and Finishes / Specialist Lighting

A transformed contemporary cottage employing sophisticated and theatrical use of textures and colours to reflect the client’s personality. Featuring fuschia suede bespoke sofa, bespoke oversized tangerine leather ottoman, parapan dressing room fully lined with ostrich leather.

Specialist lighting and unusual wallpapers lining Hallway, Landing and Children’s Bedrooms. Like what we did here contact Sophie with your project.







“The design of our cottage is beautiful, we love it so much, we can’t thank Sophie enough for her dedication on this.”

— Mrs D Clugston

Unit 23 Parson’s Green House
27 Parson’s Green Lane
London, SW6 4HH
+44 (0)20 3793 2148
+44 (0)75 1594 4593

Skype: sophiepeckettdesign
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